The Blocks technical preview ended on December 15th, 2023. Learn more about why Blocks is being sunset.

GitHub Blocks

Technical Preview


Extend your codebase with custom, interactive blocks.

Build rich documentation, enhance your workflows, and bring your repository to life.

What if repositories could do more?

Stronger documentation without the sweat

READMEs don’t have to be static. Create rich, interactive repositories that showcase your project.

Embed a live demo block instead of a screenshot

Show off live stats about the health of your project

Create searchable reference documentation

Turn your repository structure into your table of contents

View and interact with your content however you want

Just because the files are textual, doesn't mean you have to see them as text.

Not all files are easy to understand in their raw form, like CSV or JSON data

Pick a different block to see and interact with your data, like a spreadsheet…

… or custom visualizations

Create and edit diagrams that can be embedded into your documentation

Build tailored interfaces for your workflows

See the big picture

Blocks work for files, folders, and entire repositories

Understand the health of your community and the people who are part of it

Understand the structure of your code at a glance

Start exploring GitHub Blocks

Extend your codebase with custom, interactive blocks.